the cultivating wellness difference

Whether we are acting as consultants, strategic advisors, or brand developers we remain focused on taming the chaotic Wild West of today’s CBD marketplace. Our mission is to champion the integrity of CBD’s use in functional wellness.

Our cross-category leadership team has more than 100 years of combined experience making an impact across CPG, product development, cannabis, channel marketing, operational analysis, sales, and implementation. We provide a full suite of bespoke solutions for brands, retailers and distributors to gain clarity and succeed in the emerging CBD marketplace.


Vetting Products in a Risky Landscape

The CBD marketplace is fraught. Products are regularly found to have no Cannabidiol in them, or far less (or more) than the label indicates. Some products have excessive levels of THC, making them illegal. There have even been CBD products found to contain dangerous synthetic cannabinoids.

On top of that, of the hundreds of CBD companies out there, most are very new. The unfortunate truth is that often CBD companies fail to perform by producing shoddy products, being ignorant of compliance issues, and disappearing after the first order.

Cultivating Wellness cuts through this confusion. Our expert-led 34-point Total Quality Assurance program reviews 360 degrees of business operations including brand health, certifications, compliance, sourcing, extraction methods, formulations, and independent lab test results.

When we find areas that require work, we help promising CBD brands to attain the quality standards of the best CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brands.

That means our clients can feel safer knowing that Cultivating Wellness has removed much of the risk and uncertainty inherent to CBD products. Our clients know they’re operating at the highest standards, capable of standing up in the most demanding retail environments. The companies we work with truly represent the finest CBD products in the marketplace.


The Cultivating Wellness Advantage for CBD Brands

By working with Cultivating Wellness, new CBD brands have a pathway towards rapidly professionalizing their operations, brand identity, and product attributes. The mainstream CPG sector is demanding, and unprepared brands can find their growth slowed or blocked by easily preventable issues such as packaging compliance, lack of HACCP or recall plans, inappropriate ingredients, or poor design.

Cultivating Wellness’ review process creates a thorough inventory of issues for improvement, allowing our team to quickly overcome these problems. And it’s not just about problems: we maintain a roster of manufacturing options, as well as supply chain, distribution, and logistics partners who can get your CBD product into the market efficiently and ready to scale.  Get in touch to find out how we can help your CBD brand be the best it can be!

Entering CBD for Existing Consumer Brands

Our consulting services for existing brands contemplating the expanding CBD market leverage our deep CBD experience to help brands dive in safely. We know what the pitfalls are and where the unanticipated problems lie. Whether we are brought in to help with strategy, manufacturing, compliance, sourcing, product development, brand development, or sales our CBD experience helps our customers shave months off their go to market speed. We work with brands of all sizes, from startups to household names. Learn More about our Consulting Services.

Cannabis Brands and CBD

CBD from hemp is the hottest new trend for Cannabis brands operating in state-regulated markets. Hemp CBD lets Cannabis brands enter mainstream retail, cross state lines, and engage with customers who are unable or unwilling to shop at a dispensary. But it’s not as easy as simply reformulating existing products. CBD has its own considerations, from sourcing and regulatory matters to marketing and advertising. The mainstream consumer sector is incredibly demanding, and practices from regulated Cannabis markets are rarely appropriate for the broader marketplace. We can help you navigate this landscape to avoid pitfalls and chart a direct path to success. Learn More about our Consulting Services.

The Cultivating Wellness Family

Together our clients, customers, and partners comprise the Cultivating Wellness family. We work together to help one another succeed in the unpredictable CBD landscape. Even if the time is not right for you to join our family formally, please consider signing up to receive our newsletter to stay abreast of developments in CBD and to learn about unique opportunities as they emerge.