Carry CBD in your Retail Environment


Cultivating Wellness is extremely choosy in developing our catalog of CBD products. Every product we sell has gone through our proprietary Total Quality Assessment system. That means we have done the hard part for you. You’re not likely to fall victim to the pitfalls that make CBD a challenge for many retailers. Many retailers have found out too late that they have been selling products that do not contain what they purport to, or that contain illegal compounds like excessive THC or synthetic cannabinoids. Our systems and processes minimize that kind of risk.

But it’s not just about avoiding trouble. When you stock products from Cultivating Wellness, you become part of our family. We can help you with merchandising ideas, pricing, promotions, and customer education about CBD. Your success is our success: let us help you bring the highest quality CBD products to your customers. Drop us a line to learn more or to request a catalog!