Selling With Cultivating Wellness


Today’s marketplace for products containing CBD from hemp is highly fragmented. CBD is now appearing in many radically different product types that find their place in the market through distinctive, differentiated channels. Moreover, many great CBD products are brand new on the market, and may not be produced at scale yet.

Cultivating Wellness cuts through this confusion by maintaining relationships with numerous CBD-proven sales channels throughout the United States. With our growing network of key accounts, direct distribution customers, brokers, and distributors matched with our diverse catalog of top quality products, we can craft and execute just the right sales structure.


for brands

Cultivating Wellness can put your brand in front of qualified buyers all over the country, at every level of the retail ecosystem. But we don’t take just any brand -- we’re looking for the limited number of excellent brands we can work with over the long haul, growing and succeeding together.


For retailers

Give your customers what they’re asking for: the best CBD products on the market today. Our catalog of products brings you the highest quality and total transparency.


For distributors & brokers

It’s a jungle out there, with far too many poor quality, shoddy CBD products. We can help you cut through the confusion with great products and deep CBD experience that can help you maximize the potential of CBD products in your catalog.