Case study: ChrgD+

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In 2018, Lexaria Bioscience, a publicly traded Canadian bioscience company, came to Cultivating Wellness for help in developing a consumer product. Lexaria had created DehydraTECH™, a technology that allows fat-soluble compounds like CBD to be absorbed by the body much more quickly and completely. In a series of scientific studies, the patented technology has been shown to drastically increase the bioavailability of active ingredients like Cannabidiol.

Cultivating Wellness worked with Lexaria to develop ChrgD+, an unflavored, unsweetened powder that could be added to any beverage to infuse it with CBD. Lexaria developed an initial formulation, and Cultivating Wellness contributed everything else: the product’s name, design, format, packaging, compliance, manufacturing, logistics, go to market strategy, positioning, advertising, sales, order fulfillment, and analysis.

Cultivating Wellness was able to create the ChrgD+ brand rapidly in time for a beta release within six weeks of starting work. Thereafter, Cultivating Wellness led a series of iterations in formulation, manufacturing, packaging, messaging, positioning, and launch strategy.

ChrgD+ would not be what it is without Cultivating Wellness. As our consumer brands partner, Cultivating Wellness brings crucial perspective and deep market understanding that has helped immeasurably at every step of the way.
                      Chris Bunka, CEO of Lexaria Bioscience

Now, Cultivating Wellness is bringing ChrgD+ to market. Having worked diligently to create a top quality product and robust brand, as well as the manufacturing and logistical systems and processes required to scale rapidly, our team is executing the product launch and growth plan. Beginning with a limited release in May of 2019, ChrgD+ is well on its way to being a well-known CBD brand.

Look for ChrgD+ in stores near you. And if you are interested in carrying ChrgD+ in your retail environment or including it in your brokerage or distribution catalog, just send us a note.