Whether you are looking to develop a CBD brand, make an existing CBD a serious mainstream contender, add CBD to an existing national product line, or just understand CBD better as it relates to your business, Cultivating Wellness can help.

We work with premier CBD and CPG brands, helping them to navigate CBD compliance, strategy, and the challenges of bringing premium CBD products to market. Because of the sensitive nature of this kind of strategic planning, many of our clients choose to remain confidential. They are prominent enough that you will find them in almost any mainstream retail environment in the food, beverage, and HABA sections.

All of our consulting engagements are bespoke projects built around our clients’ needs. To learn more about how we work, take a look at our in-depth case studies covering our work with ChrgD+, Mighty Self, and several Beverage Brands.

Typically, companies that engage Cultivating Wellness shave months off their product development and go to market schedules.

Strategic Consulting Services

Cultivating Wellness unites industry leaders and experts across a range of disciplines that impact business at every level. We work at the nexus of policy, regulations, compliance, brand strategy, business intelligence, financial analysis, consumer insights, supply chain management, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

While every consulting project is distinct, there are some types of projects we keep coming back to. They leverage our unique insights borne of straddling the CBD and CPG worlds. The list below is a starting point -- get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

  • Educational Presentations on CBD

  • Advising on Creating new CBD Brands

  • Advising on CBD Line or Brand Extensions

  • Identify and Assess CBD companies for investors

  • White Papers

Manufacturing, Packaging, and Supply Chain Management Services


In addition, Cultivating Wellness maintains a strong focus on manufacturing, packaging, and supply chain management. As a leading source of high quality CBD products, Cultivating Wellness has extensive experience in handling this new and sometimes fraught consumer product.

We leverage this expertise for our clients by providing the services enumerated below. Again, this is a starting point -- contact us to discuss your specific needs.

  • Manufacturing, Products, and Packaging Review

  • Manufacturing and Production Sourcing

  • CBD Sourcing

  • Packaging Specifications Compliance and Design

  • Production Management

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management