Case study: Beverages

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Drink Your CBD: Beverage Challenges


Cultivating Wellness has worked with numerous brands infusing CBD into topicals, pet products, chocolates, drink mixes, tinctures, inhalable products, and more. Each category has its distinct characteristics, and not just in terms of the products themselves. Different products have different regulatory considerations, manufacturing processes, distribution networks, and consumer demographics.

Beverages are one of the most complex categories. Developing CBD beverages requires artful formulation using  water soluble CBD technologies that can withstand the demanding shelf life requirements of mainstream retailers. It also means working with completely different distribution networks and infrastructure and creating channel strategies that cover everything from gas stations and convenience stores to grocery and big box retailers. And it requires a manufacturing and logistics strategy that minimizes shipping distances for the inherently heavy products.

Cultivating Wellness has worked with beverage brands entering the hemp CBD space from both traditional RTD beverages and from the licensed cannabis market. Key areas of collaboration include manufacturing strategy, CBD sourcing and technology licensing, and sales strategy and execution through West Coast DSD networks.

We helped a brand of flavored sparkling water from the regulated cannabis market to pivot successfully into mainstream retail by developing hemp-based CBD formulations. This required careful work in compliance, establishing distribution relationships, helping the company implement inventory, shipping, and invoicing procedures, and developing in-store point-of-sale (POS) advertising materials.

We helped a new RTD tea brand to enter the market, advising on compliance, manufacturing, format, distribution and sales strategy, and CBD technologies.

We helped a major coffee roaster to develop two lines of products containing CBD married with other functional ingredients. This engagement started with market research and regulatory landscape assessment, and moved into a collaborative process with the client in which our team worked closely with client personnel to establish manufacturing processes, source raw materials, and formulate the products. We also developed go-to-market plans for these products and charted a path towards marketplace success.

In every case, we help companies cut months off their product development and go to market cycles. Our deep experience lets us help brands avoid pitfalls and optimize opportunities for growth and success.

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