Elevating CBD

Cultivating Wellness leads the way in the exploding CBD sector. We help brands navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of Cannabidiol from hemp. From concept to consumer, we give brands, retailers, distributors, and related industries the tools and resources to responsibly enter, innovate, and thrive with CBD. Our unparalleled depth, borne of years of experience in the field, allows us to bring top quality CBD products to market quickly and efficiently. Click below to see what makes Cultivating Wellness unique.




CBD Consulting

Cultivating Wellness is a full-service CBD marketing research, logistics, and brand innovation consultancy. We help CBD brands develop so that they will succeed in the marketplace. We also help existing brands develop line extensions with CBD. And, as recognized experts in the CBD space, we help companies and other entities make sense of CBD and develop effective strategies for engaging with this complex and growing sector.


Sales of CBD Products

Cultivating Wellness is building a nationwide network of distributors, brokers, and key accounts. We discover, develop, and grow a diverse portfolio of best-in-class, hemp-based cannabidiol-infused CPG products which are built to succeed despite shifting regulatory and consumer demands. For the right CBD products -- able to pass our stringent and thorough review process -- Cultivating Wellness can be a core part of an effective national sales strategy.


DehydraTECH™ Licensing

Cultivating Wellness represents Lexaria Bioscience, the company behind DehydraTECH™ technology, clinically proven to greatly enhance the bioavailability and effectiveness of Cannabidiol in the human body. This technology makes product formulation precise and effective, and can be implemented in a number of different ways.


Our Brands


An unflavored and unsweetened powder that lets you add CBD to any beverage, hot or cold.

stanley brothers

Disposable CBD vape pens in three delicious flavors.

new world cbd

A full line of CBD products from family hemp farmers in Oregon.

mighty Self

CBD capsules blended with top quality adaptogenic herbs and supplements.